Project management – purchase of construction works, construction management, building operation period services, building technical maintenance – are the areas requiring highest competence, long year experience and precise quality. We work in this area for more than 14 years and have brought together the team of responsible and highly-skilled professionals who can make optimal and flexible decisions, thus “Viconus” is your best partner in project management and engineering consulting.

Our team members are highly motivated experts of their area, whose experience and professionalism allow our company to provide a wide range of services and work in non-standard, large scale projects in various sectors such as buildings (offices, commerce, residential, logistics, industrial) and energy (wind power) in the major project in Lithuania.

We responsibly value work with our Clients. The major advantage and driving force of our company is empathy for the Client. We can quickly hear and feel the Client, correctly evaluate his expectations and fulfil them to the maximum, on the basis of all our work experience. We not only thoroughly implement the projects, but also contribute to creation of special value to the Client. We base our services on high quality standards, strict quality control of our work also transparent and open business ethics.

“Viconus” – to make complex decisions simple.