Ongoing projects

City of Memel

The project “Memel Town” is being developed on the territory located on the right bank of the River Dange, at Naujoji Uosto st. 3, Klaipėda. The area covers more than 5 ha. Developer: UAB Memelio miestas UAB VICONUS: project management, construction management and technical supervision services

Horizons (business centre)

Business centre at Lvivo g. 59, Vilnius – Plot size: 1.26 ha – Building area (GBA): up to 55 000 sq.m. – Office / Residential / Retail – Maximum building height: 85 m. UAB VICONUS – design management services Builder KŪB “Releven Prime Properties”

Completed Projects

Kaunas Akropolis

Maintenance services for the leased premises of the shopping and service centre Kaunas Akropolis, located at 49 Karaliaus Mindaugo Avenue, Kaunas.


Reconstruction of the Biotechnology Research Centre and Biopharmaceutical Development Research Laboratory at 4 Mokslininkų str., Vilnius, with a new four-storey basement extension of 1786,21 m², maintenance services.


Zelionkos village 7, Būdvitis municipality, Lazdijai district Construction of two reservoirs (2×3400 m³), two railway sidings (with scales, flyover), project management and technical supervision services.

Mo Museum

Shopping centre IKI

1 600 m² Project for the construction of a commercial building at Vieškeliuko g. 8, Kaunas. We provide technical maintenance services. 2022

PC Europa

Reconstruction of 22 000 m² Shopping Centre Europa, we provide project management and maintenance services. Renovation/replacement of existing structures, modernisation of technological facilities and equipment, creation of new spaces.

9 Sparnai wind farm

Construction of a wind farm. First phase of a 9 MW wind farm in Kelme district. Builder – UAB “E energija”. We provide construction management and maintenance services.

Shopping centre Senukai

10 000 m² Construction project for a commercial building at Vytautas Pociūno g. 10, Vilnius, consultant engineer/technical supervision services provided.